I have fallen in Love with Budapest since the train arrived at the station. Warm summer nights and lovable people all around. There is so much to explore and even if you’re just walking through the streets, everything is just in a good mood. They offer amazing food, good beer, throw pretty cool Party’s and a relaxing day in the thermal bath, makes you feel alive. Budapest is definitely a place I will visit soon again.

What to do in Budapest


Budapest has so much to offer. Walk arround and visit: Halászbástya or the statue of liperty which gives you a great overview of the city. Enjoy a day at the Széchenyi Baths and relax those muscles from walking. Other things to stopy by are the green bridge, Margaret Island or market hall


  • Walzer Café
  • Zoo Café
  • Magveto
  • Mon Chéri


  • Raday Utica – Restaurant Street for Locals
  • Crazy Cafe
  • Soul Cafe
  • Cat-Cafe


  • Szimpla Bar (Kert)
  • Fogas Haz