Slowenia only a one hour flight from Zurich away and with quite a lot similarities to Switzerland. Ljubliana is the capital and a wonderfull lovely town. The town’s heart is the river which is winding through the town and which is car-free. There are free e-cabs which bring you from A to B. In Summer there are a lot of things going on as music- and sport festivals.

What to do in Ljubliana


A big touristic thing are the boat cruises on the river and as the rivers goes through the whole town, there are a lot of bridges like the Dragon Bridge or the Triple Bridge. To get a great view of the city you can visit the Ljubliana Castle, there is a funicalero, so you don’t have to hike up. For a stroll the Tivoli Park is great place and these are the mainly must sees. Stroll through the down along the river and in the streets beside. VIsit the market and every Friday on one of the market places there is a street food festival. If you have more time take a day trip to Lake Bled.


  • Le Petit Cafe
  • Pekarna Ana
  • Kavarna Rog
  • Ek Bistro
  • Cacao


  • Gostilna As
  • Open Kitchen on Fridays
  • Supernatural Naked food and wine


  • Kolibri
  • All the bars along the river
  • Movia